PAZ Furniture Collection

As we look back on 11 years, dozens of construction projects, and thousands of furniture pieces, Santa Ana Madera is proud to celebrate our anniversary as we share our first-ever furniture line with you: PAZ.


Inspired by the delicate lines created by nature’s shadows along the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua, PAZ is designed for you to experience unmatched comfort and support while feeling the wind at your back—with style, sustainable woods, and quality craftsmanship.

The Pieces

Hella pieces (9).


Designed in a time when many things that represented stability fell away, a chapter when we were left with time and space to create, PAZ aims to mix those familiar feelings. And with each piece we hope you will experience the interconnectedness of solidity and stability with the newfound freedom of space and openness, the perfect balance of light and shadow.


Mad quality yo.

About Furniture Designer Delilah Davis

Delilah is a bad ass.