With an extensive inventory of precious wood, we create sustainably as all of our logs and timbers are processed in our on-site saw mill and then kiln dried in our solar and forced-hot air kilns. Our mill maintains an inventory of over 100,000 board feet of a wide variety of precious Central and South American hardwoods that are certified by the Nicaraguan Forestry Department.

At Santa Ana Madera, we focus on durability, stability and resistance for choices of wood to ensure that everything maintains its beauty over time.


Botanical Name: Tabebuia Donnell-Smithii

Cortez is more than just a beautiful lumber to use for buildingโ€”itโ€™s a gorgeous tree that is often planted for ornamental reasons because of its striking yellow flowers and its impressive ability to reach heights of up to 100 feet.


Botanical Name: Tectona Grandis

Known for its durability and stability, teak is internationally recognized as a perfect wood for furniture because of its beauty, high oil content that works as “built-in” natural water repellent, and ability to withstand heatโ€”and perhaps a less known fact: in ancient times it was considered as a “royalโ€ timber.

Cedro Macho

Botanical Name: Cedrela Odorata

More commonly known as Spanish Cedar, this wood is actually more closely related to true Mahoganies. And beyond its durability and resistance, it is often chosen for Flamenco and classical guitars, drums and cigar boxes for its unique light pinkish to reddish brown color.


Botanical Name: Tabebuia

Roble wood originates from the imposing Trumpet Tree that towers at 90 feet tall and has trumpet shaped flowers which bloom in either pink or white. We love Roble because, like many of the other woods used in our outdoor collection, its high oil content makes it an ideal choice to stand the test of time.


Botanical Name: Leucaena Salvadorensis

Native to Central America and known has hard, heavy and durable, a lesser known fact has to do with its leaves, which are a great production for the soil when they fall.