We believe your spaces are a reflection of your style and taste and should be built to last.

We create custom pieces to match you.

We work with people who want furniture with a story and value a balance of craftsmanship, beauty and comfort. You, like us, love unique, exotic and organic products–and you respect the environment and which is why it is important to you to use sustainable woods and local labor to create luxury spaces with your furniture pieces.

Our master blacksmiths weld, shape and forge iron, steel and aluminum into lighting, railings, furniture and hardware.  Our metal lathes, forges, powder coating oven and CNC router capabilities allow us to fabricate custom pieces that will stand the test of time.

We take pride in each piece, and are proud of the fact that we have recently begin to share our Nicaragüense furniture, décor and flavor with our worldwide exports.




Tables & Dressers