As the premier construction company and custom wood and iron workshop in Nicaragua, we work alongside individuals and businesses alike to use unique, local and organic materials to create your dream home and curate statement pieces for your most important spaces.

What started out as a few construction projects in 2010 quickly grew into an operation that now employs over 250 of the finest carpenters and master blacksmiths in Nicaragua. We specialize in leading a variety of projects from conception to completion, including high-end architectural and design services, residential and light commercial construction, custom furniture and millwork, and structural and decorative iron work.

And now nearing our 10th Anniversary, we can say that we have proudly built many of the most impressive homes, hotel spaces and furniture along the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua, and that we are excited for the future which includes sharing our Nicaragüense furniture and decor worldwide.


Building a home or enhancing your space is an exciting process, so our bilingual staff takes a strategic approach to ensure that the process is not only time- and cost-efficient, but that you have a bit of fun along the way.

And our team members are pretty great—really great if you ask us. To work with Santa Ana Madera is to partner with leaders in the field who set a standard for quality in Nicaragua using the best products, sustainable woods and local labor to create one-of-a-kind luxury spaces and pieces.

We are “Santa Ana” for the original name of the ranch that our woodshop was built on and “Madera” for the Spanish word for wood, our main material and passion, but most call us “SAM” for short.

We are SAM; welcome to our family.